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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Get in touch with our company if you want to schedule popcorn ceiling removal in Mississauga, Ontario. We serve this city and all people in need to see their popcorn ceiling gone and the substrate properly and beautifully finished. It takes a message or a phone call to Home Painters Mississauga to book an evaluation & estimate appointment. We like to assure you of our team’s reasonable prices, our no-obligation free estimate policy, and our vast experience in such projects.

Expert popcorn ceiling removal in Mississauga

Popcorn Ceiling Removal MississaugaIf you are interested in booking popcorn ceiling removal, Mississauga pros with huge experience in such jobs are at your service. As we mentioned above, our primary intention is to check the textured ceiling, talk to you, see what you want to do with the substrate, offer color solutions, and provide an estimate for the service. So, if you are interested in this project, let’s talk about removing the popcorn ceiling and refinishing solutions.

You will like to know that the pros appointed to remove popcorn ceiling textures properly cover the floor of the room. They are very thorough when it comes to the overall preparation of the space. The goal is to keep the dust emitted by the removal of the popcorn ceiling in the room and don’t let it go to the adjacent spaces. And so, the gaps under the doors are sealed and all steps needed are taken for a neat service.

The pros are equipped well to remove popcorn ceilings safely & correctly

Popcorn ceilings are not in fashion anymore – haven’t been for quite a while now. But the main reason why most people want to remove popcorn ceilings is the suspicion of lead and asbestos in the material. Some decades back, some popcorn ceilings contained such harmful elements. And so, it’s best to have them removed, even as a precaution – to be on the safe side. Since there’s a possibility that the ceiling texture is contaminated, the pros gear up as they must to avoid health problems. For the same reasons, they do the job properly and remove all residues from the room once their work is done.

The substrate flaws are fixed and the ceiling is painted to a T

Of course, once the texturized ceiling is gone, the substrate is prepared for the finishing paint. The pros inspect its condition and fix its imperfections to a T. When the ceiling is smooth and perfected, it’s primed and then it’s painted as agreed. The result is a flat ceiling – usually white, unless you want a different color.

That’s more or less how the job is done. We cannot stretch enough the importance of leaving the job to our team since removing popcorn ceilings requires the appropriate tools and lots of experience. And it’s not only that. Don’t you also want the ceiling perfectly painted once the texture is removed? You can have it all if you are in Mississauga, popcorn ceiling removal done in the most professional way and the ceiling thoroughly prepped and finished afterward. If that’s what you have in mind, we should talk. Message us.